Mediation Scheduler

Custody, Divorce, and Decree Modification

Mediation is being recognized more and more as a useful mechanism for resolving conflict. Mediation offers all parties an opportunity to resolve their conflicts and disputes prior to taking or continuing costly legal action. In mediation, disputes are managed in a more private setting and in a way that is much more economical and much less time consuming and stressful.

In divorce situations, mediation allows the parties to maintain or create a working relationship that will benefit the family in the future, thus preserving the family unit as much as possible under the circumstances. The Utah State legislature has recognized the importance of mediation in divorce by requiring each couple to mediate any contested issues before they can schedule a court date. Unfortunately, divorce is a reality in our society, but it doesn’t have to be an unruly and destructive process.

Overall, we intend mediation to be an efficient, economical, respectful, and positive experience. Mediation is a way to save the parties time and money and to preserve their relationships.

Post Decree Modification

Is your current decree not working? Is the current custody arrangement inconsistent with what was ordered? Do you need a new parent-time schedule? Is the holiday schedule imbalanced? Maybe you don’t even have a holiday schedule and need one? Does child support need to be recalculated? Has your spouses income changed and it might affect your support? Is there someone new in the “family”? Do the parents disagree on what is “in the best interest of the children”? Have new issues arisen since your decree was entered?

These are just a few issues of many that can arise after a couple gets divorced. Don’t suffer the heartache and stress by allowing this uncertainty to continue! Don’t spend thousands arguing over what should be happening! Call us and allow us to provide some clarity to your situation. Let us work with you to create solutions for a better life.