Mediation Scheduler

Elder Care

There are many decisions a family needs to make when it comes to the best care for a loved one who no longer is able to live alone, who requires assistance with daily living, or requires medical care or one that just wants comfort in knowing “everything is taken care of and in order”. With so many important decisions to make and so many interested parties involved everyone can benefit from the mediation process. Avoid family relationships from becoming strained and torn apart. This can occur several different ways, for example:

In these situations, mediation may be the solution. Mediation allows all the parties to sit down and discuss the issues and try to come up with a solution that everyone can agree on. A mediator is a neutral third party who can help families come to a consensus on a number of family issues from estate planning to guardianship decisions to living arrangements.

Mediation is completely voluntary. For it to be effective, all relevant family members should be involved. You can also involve other professionals, such as a geriatric care manager, a family lawyer, or a financial planner.

We are here to listen to the issues, keeps the family focused on the goals, encourage consideration of all the options, and help clear up misunderstandings and address hurt feelings. Through this process, the family can come up with answers to problems or ways of solving conflicts.

Don’t suffer the heartache and stress by allowing these issues to permeate. Don’t allow important relationships to deteriorate. Contact us if you would like some clarity to your situation. Let us work with you to create solutions for a better life.