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What is Problem Solving

People and organizations can get confused when thinking about conflict or problems. Who should they go to? What should they do? Most people think of the traditional providers and expect what has always been done and to receive what others have always received. I AM believes Problem Solving is not about the traditional.

We believe in collaborating with each other and a broad range of professions and groups in a way that is unique to the traditional approaches, through which unique and ground-breaking ideas will be born. The success of carrying out this philosophy creates success and value for each of our clients, our community and profession.

When most people think of “creative professionals” they think of artists, actors, or design professionals. They are the people thought to create and carry out ideas for a living. Rarely, if ever, are Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professionals such as mediators, arbitrators and attorneys considered creative professionals or artists. But ADR professionals are relied on to create ideas, options and solutions. They are relied on to innovate and perform, and their success relies on their ability to do so. We, at I AM, know we must create and innovate. We must inspire and assist our clients to create ideas and solutions. Everything we do is a creation and innovation because each person’s dispute or each company’s conflict is as unique as the personalities and cultures involved. Everything we do is done with the purpose of reaching a point of understanding or clarity or agreement that allows our clients to more effectively create and innovate in their own sphere. This is what brings value to our lives, to our profession and our clients. We must be exceptionally creative and execute without fear of the unexplored.

Scott Belsky said in his book Making Ideas Happen, “The era upon us is filled with problems and opportunities that require fresh innovation like never before. Being more efficient or cheaper is no longer enough to be competitive in a global marketplace. We need to conceive new ideas to address the problems and opportunities that surround us and we need to defy the odds and make these ideas actually happen.”

This statement is very relevant to our business and philosophy of conflict management, as well as how we approach each client’s problem and engage opportunity. A clients canvas is his or her life. We strive to provide each one the opportunity to explore every available and viable option so he or she can design the canvas desired. This begins with the context we provide to explore and create and the skills and resources we have that are necessary to make the creation a reality. This is how we engage problem solving.

The Intitute of Advanced Mediation & Problem Solving (IAM) is a resource for those burdened with the weight and unwanted stress of conflict, decision-making and doubt. IAM works with individuals, professionals & their clients, families, and organizations to resolve and manage conflict efficiently and effectively.

IAM, working with you for a better future and a better life.

No matter who you are, we care about who you become.